Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar: Top 5 Wedding Venues for your Special Day

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Are you busy with your wedding preparation? Have you booked the right wedding venue and hired a professional wedding photography service in Bhubaneswar? Not yet! Then make sure to complete these tasks much before your wedding day. It is believed that a beautiful wedding venue plays an important role in providing the best platform to get some awesome and candid wedding clicks. A professional and experienced wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar has the right expertise and experience to utilize a beautiful venue that helps in getting some magnificent wedding images. 

Let us explore some of the best wedding venues in Bhubaneswar that provides a great platform for an amazing wedding photography!

  1. Swosti Premium:

A part of Sosti Group, the Sowsti Premium is renowned as one of the best wedding venues in Bhubaneswar. This venue has a leisure center- capacity of accommodating 450 guests, swimming pool side- capacity of holding up to 1000 people and lawn- capacity of accommodating 900 people. The Sowsti Premium is known for providing the first-in-class service that will make your special day memorable and satisfy your guests.


  1. Mayfair Lagoon:

The exquisite Mayfair Lagoons are ideal for hosting marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions. Equipped with state-of-the-art-technology, natural light, and contemporary design, the banquet halls of Mayfair Lagoon are well-furnished and extravagantly designed to host your wedding in an elegant way.

Wedding photography in Bhubaneswar


  1. The Crown:

The Crown is a magnificent and aesthetically pleasing wedding venue in Bhubaneswar that has five exquisite banquet halls of different sizes and shapes. It's five banquet halls- Empress Hall, Kings Court, Princess, Ruby and Private Moments are well-furnished and equipped with perfect lighting, sound effects and more, which provides a perfect space to host your wedding ceremony or wedding reception.


  1. Toshali Sands Resort:

This beautiful resort is located on the Konark Marine Highway (on the golden triangle of Odisha), which is few kilometers away from Bhubaneswar. It has a well maintained and exquisitely designed banquet hall, which is equipped with latest technologies and advanced gadgets to host a wonderful marriage ceremony or wedding reception and accommodate around 1000 persons. This venue has a parking space, which can accommodate up to 300 cars.


  1. The Presidency Hotel:

Located in the heart of Bhubaneswar, The Presidency Hotel has five banquet halls- Surya Mahal, Pratap Darbar, Durbar, Mile Stone, and Landmark. This wedding venue is known for having the finest blend of modern and traditional ambiance. Having more than 1000 guest capacity and ample of parking facility, the Presidency Hotel is one of the most preferred wedding venues in Bhubaneswar.

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What next after choosing the right wedding venue in Bhubaneswar?

You need to hire a wedding photography service or search for an expert wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar who has ample of wedding photography experiences in these venues! Get the best from the most experienced Wedding photographers who can be reached for this memorable need. To get some timeless and magnificent images of your special day, you can hire a professional wedding photography service in Bhubaneswar from Creative Clicks. We are a team of innovative minds that strive to make your wedding photography the sweetest experience.

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